Astley Clarke

“The thrill of a little blue Astley Clarke box arriving in the post cannot be equalled”, VOGUE.COM. Astley Clarke is an Online Designer Jewellery Boutique selling the world’s most desirable jewellery. 

If you have always wished for a jewellery boutique somewhere between Bond Street and Fifth Avenue, then you have arrived at the right destination.Our exclusive selection of designer jewellery from over thirty world-renowned designers and jewellers is regularly featured in the press – Vogue, Harpers and Marie-Claire. At Astley Clarke, we have a highly experienced buying team who are all fine jewellery experts. They have hand picked precious and semi-precious jewellery collections from the world’s most impressive jewellery designers to sell exclusively in our online boutique.

We visit Italy, New York, California, Turkey, India and a host of other countries to ensure that we find the cream of the World’s Contemporary Jewellery Designers. Every season, we introduce a handful of new designers to the website and new jewellery collections arrive at Astley Clarke every two weeks from all over the World. We are committed to showing our customers some of the most beautiful and innovative designs that they will find in any jewellery shop – online or offline.

Astley Clarke was recently voted one of the British ‘Luxury Brands of Tomorrow’ by The Walpole Group.

Astley Clarke jewellery is created with precious or semi-precious gemstones and precious metals – karat gold, platinum, vermeil or silver. We sell no costume or fashion jewellery. We believe that very often for the same price as a fashion or costume necklace, customers can buy a designer necklace made from semi-precious stones and gold or silver.

Astley Clarke has a broad base of customers including A-list celebrities, politicians and sportsmen who visit our online shop. We have a special service for engagement rings and big birthdays to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want. We also stock a large wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery collection for brides and bridesmaids. We sell jewellery Worldwide via the internet, shipping to the far reaches of globe. We recently sent a beautiful necklace to a small remote island in Polynesia. Our deliveries arrive the next day in the UK, Europe and the USA though if you are a new customer from overseas your first order may take up to three days.

Designer jewellery delivered to your door makes an excellent gift. Many of our customers visit our online boutique to buy a gift for a wife or girlfriend or for a special occasion. The jewellery arrives in one of our trademark blue Astley Clarke boxes, is exquisitely packaged and can be delivered to the recipient for a special occasion. Astley Clarke is the perfect destination for birthday gifts, christenings, barmitzvahs and anniversaries. We have extensive information and guidance for buyers in our birthstones, anniversary stones and gift guide. Our customer service team are on hand five days a week to answer all of your questions by phone or email.

“ is the of the jewellery world” HARPERS BAZAAR

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