Ancienne Ambiance

Luxury Fragrances Inspired By Antiquity.

Ancienne Ambiance is a London-based luxury niche fragrance brand founded in 2004.

Specialising in creating natural hand-poured luxury scented candles with fine fragrances inspired by ancient times, the brand has expanded to offer award-winning home fragrance and bodycare ranges and, most recently, niche perfumes.

With paraben-free, natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, Ancienne Ambiance embeds sustainable practices throughout its business model.

Your journey to antiquity starts here, step back in time and let your senses come alive…

Visit the Ancienne Ambiance boutique in the heart of Chelsea at 3 Cale Street, SW3 3QT

“Ancienne Ambiance are the most beautiful perfumed candles to burn in your home” Plum Sykes, VOGUE

Ancienne Ambiance

Telephone number/Mail Order Line: 0870 199 8958