The Escape Manifesto – Quit Your Corporate Job – Do Something Different – Escape The City

The Escape Manifesto- Quit Your Corporate Job-Do Something Different- Escape The CitySynopsis: Does this sound familiar… You tick all the right boxes; school, university, corporate career. You have a sensible profession, a fancy job title, proud parents, decent salary, pricey holidays,but there is a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right? A realisation that you’re not completely fulfilled? Surely you should be as happy as Larry, are you being ungrateful? HELL NO. You want a different life, no spreadsheets, no commute, no late nights at the office. But if not that‚ then what? That is exactly what Escape The City are here to do -show you what other options are open to you.

Escape The City is a community based website built around a simple concept: there is more to life than doing unfulfilling work in big corporate companies. The online platform is designed to help corporate professionals find exciting jobs, start their own businesses, and go on big adventures. The Escape Manifesto is here to support, inspire and encourage us all to make big and brave transitions in our lives.

Examines the reasons why so many people are unsatisfied with the corporate world
Explores the alternatives and the common barriers to achieving your dreams
Advice and support for making the transition to something new and developing a strategy for work and life
Contains tons of real-life examples of people who have made the leap

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We love this book-it’s a brilliant practical down-to-earth approach to doing things differently. Full of wonderful quotes and case studies, as well as a really comprehensive resources section. If you are looking to pack an inspirational book for holiday reading make it this one! Highly Recommended!!

You Do Know: Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly by Becky Walsh

You Do Know: Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly-Becky WalshSynopsis: In the past few years there has been an increase in the use of the word intuitive. This increase has been a direct result of the way we describe the intelligent functionality of technology, such as a smart phone or an application. In addition many business people, such as Apple creator Steve Jobs and Virgin tycoon Richard Branson, have credited their success to ‘ideas through intuition’.

Intuition is no longer seen as something wooly but as a valuable life skill. We have also seen a rise in the popularity of books that talk of ‘silencing the mind’, revealing the importance of being without ego. You Do Know blends these two subjects together by explaining how to make decisions without ego, therefore making decisions without fear.

Many people don’t know how to trust their intuition. In You Do Know, Becky Walsh explains that this is because until now people thought there was only one kind of intuition. Becky has made a revolutionary discovery: that there are two forms of intuition. One form works through ego and the other though love. To back up this realisation she has turned to neuroscience, psychology and spiritual teaching to draw all the pieces together. She explains to the reader in simple, practical terms how to use both forms of intuition.

In addition, Becky explains how interactions without ego-judgement affect us positively in friendship, business, relationships, family and community. This shift will change our world dramatically from both a personal and global perspective, as we realise that intuition is the key to the shift in consciousness that humanity needs to fix the problems we currently face.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
You Do Know: Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly is a fascinating book about intuition. The author Becky Walsh shares her own personal experiences and examines the different types of intuition; what it is and why you need it, how to find your life purpose, how to live intuitively and much much more!

Brand Famous: How to Get Everyone Talking About Your Business by Linzi Boyd

Brand Famous: How to Get Everyone Talking About Your Business by Linzi Boy


Linzi Boyd, a savvy entrepreneurial builder of brands, tells you how to use her winning formula for your success, with her debut book Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business– enabling your brand to go from Idea to Execution.

Whether readers are looking to BUILD, RENOVATE or REFRESH their brand, Linzi shares secrets, practical tips and real life experiences that will help businesses learn the tricks to give their business or product the best chance of becoming known in today’s fast moving consumer world.

Aimed at small to medium size business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders looking for ‘what’s next’ for the growth of their brand, this book takes the reader on a journey by providing simple steps to transform their business.

Unravelling a relevant communication method is key to a brand’s success. Brand Famous covers not only traditional print media but also discusses the importance of the digital revolution. Linzi is very passionate that one form of communication alone will not maximise a brand’s exposure and a truly successful campaign will utilise multiple platforms. Therefore, she puts emphasis on retail partnerships, channels and market entry strategy, which she believes should all be considered in depth to create stand out status in a noisy marketplace.

Linzi’s book provides readers with an opportunity to grow their brand and stand out in a crowded place. Something that they may always have believed possible, yet perhaps did not have the steps to get there. Until now!

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

Providing insight from recent case studies and campaigns, Linzi shares common mistakes to avoid when building a brand and shares her practical five-step process to achieving stand out status: Discover, Create, Connect, Communicate and Evaluate.

Linzi talks about her specialist areas such as: Understanding your brand DNA and how to develop it, how to turn a complicated product plan into a concise and simple product vision document and offers straight forward techniques to help owners understand how to speak to their target audiences and connect with their end consumer to make a big impression and turn conversations into sales!

Full of inspiring practical advice this is a really helpful book for anyone looking to develop and grow their brand! Highly Recommended!