The Plant Power Doctor – Dr Gemma Newman

The Plant Power Doctor - Gemma NewmanA simple prescription for a healthier you (Includes delicious recipes to transform your health)


Are you ready to discover the power of plants? Let’s dive in.

Just imagine if what you put on your plate could not only improve your health right now but also make you healthier in the future. This book shows you, and your loved ones, how to make enjoyable, sustainable choices to futureproof your body and mind.

In this ground-breaking book, British family doctor Gemma Newman shares the transformative effect plant-powered eating has had not only in her life, but also in the lives of her family, her patients, and many people around the world. She explains the science that shows why plant-power works and how you can eat your way to a brighter future.

Dr Newman shares how in many cases your genes matter less when it comes to your health destiny than what you eat for dinner. Explore how many of the chronic illnesses we face – including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, hormonal dysfunction, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity – can be helped with a plant-powered approach along with gut health and immunity.

Make some simple switches. You can still eat your favourite kinds of food and enjoy delicious meals – simply learn how to make them plant-powered. Banish the diets, the calorie counting and deprivation. Instead you can try a compassionate and powerful way of eating that everyone can enjoy.

Start cooking! This book includes over 60 mouth-watering meal ideas to kick-start your journey. Dr Newman includes a simple guide as to the principles of a whole foods plant-based approach and helpful meal plans for you to fill out too. Enjoy easy breakfasts, family favourites and meals on the go and so much more.

Everything you need to eat your way to a healthier, happier you.

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As we start 2021 surrounded by all the worry and concerns about our health and our loved ones, this book is perfectly timed. Even without the pandemic many of us are perhaps more aware than ever before of the need to think more carefully about our lifestyle choices and the food that we eat.

Packed with fascinating and in-depth information, in this very accessible book, Dr Newman starts with a discussion of what a Plant Power lifestyle means and why a Wholefoods Plant-Based (WFPB) diet can help in numerous ways.

She then discusses how to switch to incorporating more plant based foods, and the final section includes a beautifully illustrated guide to a Plant Powered Kitchen with delicious recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts and Snacks.

The evidence is compelling and perfect for lockdown reading, this informative book offers hints and tips throughout that encourages a complete view of health, and as Dr. Newman suggests ‘it’s not just what we eat, but how we live every day that can improve our health long term’

Highly Recommended!

Mary Berry Simple Comforts – Mary Berry

Mary Berry's Simple Comforts - Mary BerryDescription: Find comfort with Mary’s easy home cooking.

In this brand new tie-in to a new BBC Two series, Mary Berry shares over 120 of her ultimate food recipes, all made simply and guaranteed to get smiles around your kitchen table.

Mary’s utterly reliable recipes are perfect for days when you want tasty and dependable food. Come home to the delicious simplicity of a Whole Roasted Squash with Garlic and Chilli Butter, or a warming Spicy Sausage and Red Pepper Hot Pot. Treat your family to Slow Roast French Lamb with Ratatouille, and spoil everyone with a decadent Frangipane Apple and Brioche Pudding.

Featuring all the recipes from Mary’s new series, plus many more fresh from Mary’s kitchen, every single dish is accompanied by a photography of the finished food, so you know exactly what you’re making. Each recipe includes Mary’s trademark no-nonsense tips and techniques for getting ahead, and has been rigorously tested to make your cooking stress-free.

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If ever there was a time that we needed Mary Berry Simple Comforts it’s now; as the temperature starts dropping, the days are getting shorter, and we are faced with the current uncertainty in our lives.  So to bring us all comfort, Mary has created this delicious book full of the most gorgeous and mouth-watering recipes.

As Mary describes in her introduction,

’The very words, ‘comfort food’ are like a big warm hug for most of us. Comfort food means different things to different people. For many, it will be a roast Sunday dinner that says family and togetherness. For others it may be a perfect tomato salad that gives you the feeling of being in a sunlit Mediterranean cafe, or a home-made cake that fills the house with tempting aromas as it bakes in the oven’

This book is everything we have grown to love and expect from Mary, stunning photography of each dish, clear and concise details in the recipes and reassuringly helpful hints from Mary.

We particularly love Mary’s Recipe Finder, which takes every recipe and organises them into different categories e.g Soups, Simple Starters, Light Lunches & Sharing Plates, Salads, Make-Ahead Meals, Speedy Suppers, One-Pot Dishes, Pasta, Pastry, Weekend Specials, Feeding a Crowd, Accompaniments, Cold Puddings, Hot Puddings, Small Cakes & Biscuits, Large Cakes, Bread. So whatever your mood, or occasion, you can easily find the perfect recipe.

Featuring all the recipes from Mary’s new BBC Two series, plus many more fresh from Mary’s kitchen, this book is an absolute joy.

We absolutely adore it and that is why we are delighted to choose Mary Berry Simple Comforts by Mary Berry, published by Ebury Publishing as our as our Cookery Book of the Month.

Highly Recommended!

A Table for Friends – Skye McAlpine

A Table for Friends - Skye McAlpineThe Art of Cooking for Two or Twenty


A Table for Friends celebrates the joy of eating with friends and family, with over 100 simple and wonderfully inviting recipes that allow you to relax with your loved ones whilst the cooking takes care of itself.

Drawing on years of cooking for more people than it ever seemed possible to squeeze into her kitchen, Sunday Times columnist and cookery author Skye McAlpine shares the secrets to her stylish and relaxed way of hosting, setting you up for success whether you’re cooking for two or twenty.

A Table for Friends has recipes for every occasion, from last-minute weeknight dinners to large celebratory gatherings. Skye’s recipes fall into four chapters, Stars, Sides, Sweets and Extras, which allow you to intuitively plan a simple and impressive menu, and, because juggling oven space is one of the biggest challenges when cooking for a crowd, each chapter is ingeniously organised into Throw Together, On The Hob and In The Oven so your menu works best for your mood, your kitchen and your time.

Alongside these beautiful, deliciously do-able recipes comes Skye’s practical, fuss-free guidance for hosting a stress-free gathering, from what to cook in advance to how to lay the table beautifully, allowing you to step out of the kitchen and relax with your guests.

For a super-easy roast why not try her Honey-roast poussins, Butter-&-sage roast pumpkin, Saffron fennel, A really good chicory salad with creamy mustard dressing and Winter fruit & mascarpone tart? Or for a wonderfully soothing pasta supper, Tagliatelle with gorgonzola, pear & walnut and Chocolate chestnut meringue cake is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

This is a cookbook to cook from: a helpful, approachable, down-to-earth kitchen companion that will give you the confidence to gather friends around your table and the inspiration to do so more often.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
Skye’s previous book, A Table in Venice has been one of our all time favourite books, and A Table for Friends is destined to join it in our collection of inspiring cookery books.

Skye writes in such a lyrical way and the photography that accompanies her writing throughout the book is outstanding!

We love the way that the book is created, Skye says that she wants the contents of this book to feel intuitive;

So I wrote it just as I cook.The recipes fall into chapters that take you, step by step, through my thought process in the kitchen: stars, sides and sweets. And then, should you need them, extras.’

It really is written in such an inclusive way:

‘Imagine we are sitting at the kitchen table together, planning a meal, choosing what to cook and scribbling down what we need to buy as we go. First we start with the main dish, what I like to call the ‘star’.This is the centrepiece of lunch or dinner, the main event. It might be a plump roast chicken, a decadently cheesy frittata, or macaroni baked into a flaky pastry pie crust – you choose – but this is what sets the feel and mood of the meal. Then we think about side dishes; as a rule of thumb, we’ll need two of these (three, if feeling extravagant). One should be a simple, fresh salad and perhaps you might want some potatoes (I always want potatoes).The rest is very much up to you. And pudding. Of course, we’ll need pudding. Then, should were in the mood for going that extra mile, we might consider baking a loaf of bread or making our own mayonnaise, say, or salsa verde, to complement the rest of the meal. A little something ‘extra’.

This paragraph sums up Skye’s approach throughout the book. However what sets it apart is the detail; each recipe comes with full details of its origin, the best way to prepare it and the wonderfully helpful timing details, e.g. ‘Hands on 15 minutes’, ‘Hands off 20 minutes, simmering’ Plus full details of the ingredients, preparation and the method, supported by gorgeously inspiring photographs of the finished dish.

The recipes are mostly Italian, many are Skye’s own, but she also includes recipes from her friends’ kitchens, from their family archives, as well as from her own childhood, plus some from her husband’s family. Above all what is collected here are recipes designed to be successful, so that you can concentrate on creating that wonderful table of food to share with friends.

But this book is so much more than delicious recipes, there are delightful details on how to set the scene for the meal, the way that Skye describes this is utterly charming, from the actual table, the tablecloth, the napkins, the mismatched tableware and cutlery, the flowers, candles, even the pans!

She has a rule ‘I own nothing that is too precious to be broken’, and has a caveat ‘that all plates should all be dishwasher-friendly: life is too short to wash things up by hand.’

After taking us through the most sublime meals, Skye completes the book with comprehensive details, including a summary of all her dishes arranged through the seasons, plus sample menus for cooking for different groups of people, and suggestions for meals to cook when you have different amounts of time available.

This is a magical book, we absolutely adore it and that is why we are delighted to choose A Table for Friends  as our as our Cookery Book of the Month. Highly Recommended!

James Martin’s Islands to Highlands – James Martin

James Martin's Islands to Highlands - James Martin80 fantastic recipes from around the British Isles

Since going on his Great British Adventure in 2019, James Martin has taken to the road again (and the sea and skies, too!) to bring us a new British recipes cookbook, featuring more of his favourite stunning – and occasionally remote – locations around the UK.

With a foreword by Tom Kerridge, this new celebration of the unique food of the British Isles sees James travel from islands to Highlands, cooking and eating everywhere from Cornwall to Scilly, Jersey and Guernsey, Isle of Man to Shetland, the Peak District, Lake District and Yorkshire Moors, and from Wales to Skye. He takes advantage of the best ingredients the country has to offer, making Poached Turbot with a Creamy Herb Sauce on a boat in Guernsey, BBQ Pork Burgers on the Isle of Man, traditional Singing Hinnies in Northumberland – and more surprising dishes like Hoisin Duck on beautiful St Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly.
It’s another inspiring culinary journey for fans of the show and there are 80 recipes from the series, along with details of the producers and chefs James visits, and exclusive photography from behind the scenes on this extraordinary food trip.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
If you have been enjoying the ITV series James Martin’s Islands to Highlands you will love this beautifully illustrated book. The photography is stunning, particularly of the beautiful locations that James has visited during the series, literally travelling from one end of the country to the other.

The content is arranged through Light Bites, Fish & Shellfish, Poultry & Game, Meat, Pudding & Cakes. Each recipe is accompanied by a commentary from James, often describing which part of the country it was created in, plus full details of how to create it.

Also included is a very helpful list of all the producers and suppliers featured in the series.

This delightful book is a celebration of local producers, stunning locations and delicious food – a fabulous companion to the series.

Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook by Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook by Ainsley Harriott Synopsis: Join national treasure Ainsley Harriott on his culinary journey through the Mediterranean discovering the very best recipes to cook back home.

Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook includes all the recipes from his major 10-part ITV1 series. Journeying through Spain, Sardinia, Morocco, Corsica and Jordan, Ainsley shows how easy and enjoyable it can be to make fresh, healthy, delicious meals.

From simple salads and dips to everyday favourites like pasta and risottos, satisfying meats, flavoursome vegetarian mains and light fish dishes, Ainsleys’s recipes are perfect for a relaxed gathering of family and friends or hassle-free midweek meal.

Recipes include:
Corsican mint omelette
Moroccan vegetable and sesame seed parcels
Courgette, lemon and pecorino spaghetti
Butternut squash and sweet potato tagine
Nutty pearl couscous with feta and dates
Aromatic fish pilaf
Pasta shells with sausage, tomato and fennel sauce
Hazelnut and chocolate cake
Orange and cinnamon hot chocolate

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Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook includes all the recipes from his major 10-part ITV1 series. The content includes Light Bites, Veggie and Vegan, Fish & Seafood, Meat & Poultry, Desserts & Drinks, with a variety of recipes as mentioned above. At a time when ingredients may be restricted,    there are recipes with more simple ingredients.

Stork: The Art of Home Baking: 100 Years of Baking Memories – Stork

Stork: The Art of Home Baking: 100 Years of Baking Memories - StorkSynopsis: This mouthwatering cookbook celebrates one hundred years of baking with Stork, Britain’s best-loved margarine brand. Stork is a favourite with both the Queen and the Queen of Baking: Mary Berry, who has been singing the praises of this timeless brand for years. After a century at the heart of British baking, Stork shares their tips for bringing out the best in your creations, with recipes for cakes, biscuits, and other delicious teatime treats!

This book reflects Stork’s rich history while highlighting its innovative spirit, with recipes for everything from a scrumptious Victoria Sponge to a delectable Vegan Chocolate Cake. Between its traditional holiday bakes and dairy-free delicacies, there is something in here for everyone!

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
This is a delightful trip down memory lane, the content includes Bread, Scones and Muffins, Large Cakes, Small Cakes and Tray Bakes, Biscuits and Cookies, Tarts and Pies, Icings, Desserts, Occasion Bakes, plus a very useful Appendix including Troubleshooting Tips. As well as recipes for sweet treats such as Lemon and Elderflower Drizzle Cake, Simnel Buns, White Chocolate Brownies, Vegan Florentines, the savoury recipes include Garlic and Herb Tear and Share Bread, Vegan Roasted Vegetable Pizza Tart.

This richly illustrated book also has examples of some of the Stork advertisements through the ages. A wonderful celebration of 100 years!

Gino’s Italian Express – Gino D’Acampo

Gino's Italian Express - Gino D’AcampoSynopsis: Gino’s Italian Express is a celebration of the delicious and authentic local foods Gino discovered on his train travels across beautiful Italy. Packed with 80 brand-new recipes, Gino shows you how to cook Italian dishes at home with minimal effort, pronto! Each recipe is in Gino’s signature easy-to-follow style and perfect for both weeknight suppers and dinner parties alike.

Including all the recipes from Gino’s major ITV series Gino’s Italian Express is the must-have cookbook for those wishing for a taste of Italy.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
If you have been enjoying the ITV series Gino’s Italian Express you will love this book. The dishes he creates are quick and easy to prepare, and as he describes “express food” but also delicious and full of flavour.

The book is beautifully produced sharing stunning photographs of his journey and mouth-watering dishes such as Grilled Sardines with Tomato and Basil Salad, Farfalle with Mushrooms and Spinach, and absolutely delicious desserts such as Pears Poached in Red Wine with Vanilla, Lemon Tiramisu with Limoncello and the delightful Limoncello biscuits – Limoncetti.

If you want to brighten these grey winter days with some Italian sunshine, this is the perfect weekend read!

The Lost Orchard – A French chef rediscovers a great British food heritage – Stories and recipes by Raymond Blanc

The Lost Orchard - A French chef rediscovers a great British food heritage - Stories and recipes by Raymond Blanc‘I began to dream about an orchard filled with thousands of fruit trees… Today we have an orchard with over 150 ancient varieties of apple. Each one has its heritage in a village or a county that used to thrive on that particular variety. They tell the story not only of what we have lost in Britain but also what we could regain.’

Synopsis: Over the past seven years, Raymond Blanc has planted an orchard of 2,500 trees in the grounds of his hotel-restaurant Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire. Yielding about 60 tonnes of fruit for his kitchen each year, it is full of ancient and forgotten varieties of British apples and pears, along with quince, medlars, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, damsons and cherries. A further 600 heritage fruit trees have been added from Raymond’s home in the Franche-Comté region of France.

The Lost Orchard is a love letter to each of these varieties, complete with beautiful illustrations, fascinating information and historical anecdotes, along with a selection of recipes showcasing the best ways of cooking with the fruit. Lacing the whole book together is Raymond’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for his beloved orchard and the precious fruit that lies within. His stories and memories are a delight as he rejoices in the ‘lost orchard’ that he has created in a little corner of the Oxfordshire countryside.


Hot Brands Cool Places Review
This beautifully illustrated book is an absolute treasure, there is so much about it to love; it’s like a very special conversation with Raymond Blanc, his passion and enthusiasm shines through on every page. We love the way he thanks his friends for their support including Anne Marie Owens who leads his garden team at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

The really comprehensive content includes sections on Apples, Pears, Quince, Fig and Medlar, Stone Fruits – Apricots, Cherries, Peaches and Plums.
Within each description he includes delightful anecdotes and historical information, here is how he describes one of our all time favourites e.g.

Cox’s Orange Pippin
54 trees in my English orchard
Buckinghamshire 1825
SEASON: Late September
APPEARANCE: greenish gold with orange/red flush
BEST FOR: everything

‘I will never forget the summer’s day, about thirty years ago, when I joined William Sibley at a tasting of heritage apples laid on by The Royal Horticultural Society at Le Manoir. That tasting stays with me for two reasons: first, it inspired me to dream about my beautiful orchard project, and second, one of the apples stood head and shoulders above the rest. Her beauty was not immediately obvious from the outside……. but once I took a bite I knew I was tasting the best apple of my life. I was overwhelmed with a sensory explosion of aromatics, clean, long, complex flavours, which balanced sweetness with acidity and a crisp texture’

For each fruit Raymond gives more information either from a historical perspective or a personal discovery in how he has grown the variety himself, culminating in Tasting and Cooking Notes as well as Growing Notes.

The level of detail is admirable, but written in a fascinating and very accessible style.

In the centre of the book is a delightful chapter about The Beautiful Orchard in which he describes how his orchard has developed focusing on, flavour, beauty and organic principles which begins with a healthy soil. This is supported by full colour photographs.

The book is completed with chapters on How to Grow Your Own Tree, plus advice on the Best Fruit for Growing in a Garden, and finally Recipes from the Lost Orchard which as you would expect, contains the most delicious recipes

This gorgeous book would make an absolutely beautiful Christmas present for people who love cooking with the best of ingredients, but also gardeners too, we cannot recommend it highly enough!

We are delighted to have chosen The Lost Orchard as our Cookery Book of the Year. Very Highly Recommended!

Rick Stein’s Secret France – Rick Stein

Rick Stein's Secret France - Rick SteinSynopsis: Real French home cooking with all the recipes from Rick’s new BBC Two series. Over fifty years ago Rick Stein first set foot in France. Now, he returns to the food and cooking he loves the most … and makes us fall in love with French food all over again.

Rick’s meandering quest through the byways and back roads of rural France sees him pick up inspiration from Normandy to Provence. With characteristic passion and joie de vivre, Rick serves up incredible recipes: chicken stuffed with mushrooms and Comte, grilled bream with aioli from the Languedoc coast, a duck liver parfait bursting with flavour, and a recipe for the most perfect raspberry tart plus much, much more.

Simple fare, wonderful ingredients, all perfectly assembled; Rick finds the true essence of a food so universally loved, and far easier to recreate than you think.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
Rick Stein’s Secret France is a wonderful celebration of the food that he loves as he goes off-road through hidden towns and villages in France. Packed with delicious recipes, the photography of the food and the locations is absolutely stunning. Throughout the book Rick captures the essence of his journey and his reasons for the inclusion of the recipes. The content is divided into mouth-watering recipes from the following: Eggs & Cheese, Soups, Salads & Appetisers, Fish & Seafood, Poultry, Meat, Vegetables, Desserts, Basics.

A wonderful addition to any kitchen library and if you are enjoying Rick Stein’s Secret France BBC Two TV series, you will love this book. Highly Recommended!

Real French home cooking with all the recipes from Rick’s new BBC Two series.

Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking – Mary Berry

Mary Berry's Quick Cooking - Mary Berry Synopsis: In this brand-new, official tie-in to the major BBC series, Mary shows how being in a rush will never be a problem again. Find brilliant 20- and 30-minute meals and enjoy wonderful dishes that can be swiftly assembled and then left to cook away while you do something else.
Mary’s utterly reliable, always delicious fast dishes tempt any tastebuds and her no-fuss expertise means you can cook from scratch and put mouth-watering home-cooked food on your family’s table without compromising on quality or freshness.
This stunning cookbook, packed with colourful photography, includes over 120 new recipes, including all the recipes from the series, plus Mary’s trademark no-nonsense tips and techniques for getting ahead in the kitchen so cooking is always stress-free.
Looking for a fast, satisfying supper? There’s Crumble fish pie, Lamb tagine with preserved lemon or Pan-fried spiced falafels. Something special for Sunday lunch or dinner with friends? Roast Venison fillet and peppercorn sauce, 30-minute Beef ragu or Roast fillet pork with sage and mustard sauce followed by Upside-down rhubarb pudding.
With Mary’s trusted advice and recipes, discover how easy fantastic fast cooking can be.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review

In this gorgeous new cookbook Mary has gathered together delicious recipes suitable for all tastes that can be created with the minimum of fuss and preparation.

The recipes include Light Bites and Tapas, Speedy Soups, Salads and Grains, Fish, Poultry and Game, Pork, Lamb and Beef, Rice, Noodles and Pasta, Quick Veg, and utterly delicious Puddings and Baking.

Supported by colourful photography of the food and her travels this is a delightful addition to any kitchen cookbook collection.

Highly Recommended!

Great British Chefs Cookbook – Great British Chefs

Great British Chefs Cookbook - Great British ChefsSynopsis:

– 120 detailed, thoroughly tested recipes from sixty incredible chefs featured on the Great British Chefs website

– Every recipe comes accompanied with a beautiful full-page colour photo so you know what the finished dish should look like

– Recipes include a combination of canapés, starters, mains, desserts and petits fours

– The featured chefs are divided into six separate chapters: Britain’s Culinary Masters; Flavours of Europe; Flavours of the World; Classic British & Pub Food; Modern British and New Wave

– All the recipes are achievable in the home kitchen and range from the effortlessly simple to the more challenging, with no need to own any expensive or specialist professional equipment

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
This beautifully presented book is an absolute culinary delight, with stunning photographs and mouth-watering recipes from Britain’s leading chefs this book deserves a place on any food-lover’s bookshelf. You will never be short of inspiration with this delicious collection, suitable for any occasion. We are delighted to have chosen Great British Chefs Cookbook as our Cookery Book of the Month. Highly Recommended!

Gino’s Italian Adriatic Escape – Gino D’Acampo

Gino's Italian Adriatic Escape - Gino D'AcampoSynopsis: Join Gino on his culinary journey along the picturesque Adriatic coast. The newest cookery book, from everyone’s favourite Italian chef, explores the cuisine of the beautiful East coast of Italy.

A celebration of the finest recipes from the Adriatic coast, this cookbook makes Italian cooking simple. It includes everything from fresh seafood to delicious pasta, vegetarian options to meat dishes, and the exquisite photography is guaranteed to give you wanderlust.

Gino’s Italian Adriatic Escape includes all of the mouth-watering recipes from the accompanying major ITV series, as well as introducing us to some new delicious Italian recipes which are perfect for a meal for one or a family feast.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
This delightful book gives us ‘A taste of Italy from Veneto to Puglia’, organised into the following; Antipasti, Fish and seafood, Meat & Poultry, Pasta, rice & gnocchi, Pizza & breads, Vegetables & sides, Desserts, plus sections detailing the specialities from Veneto, Emilia-Romanga, Le Marche and Puglia. With stunning photography and detailed recipes this a wonderful companion to the ITV Series.

How to Cook and Keep on Cooking – Simon Boyle

How to Cook and Keep on Cooking - Simon BoyleSynopsis: Cooking the basics with confidence!
Have you always wanted to learn how to cook, but don’t know where to start?
Whether you’re intimidated by complex recipes and glossy photographs, or you’re a student moving out for the first time, this book will give you the tools you need to gain confidence in the kitchen, and experience the satisfaction of mastering a fundamental life skill.
Written in a refreshingly direct and friendly style, this concise handbook covers all bases: equipment, weekly meal planners, how to follow a recipe, basic nutrition, popular cooking techniques and, of course, recipes!
The recipes revolve around key ingredients – eggs, pasta, pulses, meats and stocks. With easy to follow instructions, you’ll be whipping up full roast dinners, aromatic curries and deliciously sweet desserts, in no time at all.
So why not take the first step? Start cooking today!

Hot Brands Cool Places Review
Packed full with helpful advice and easy to follow instructions this is a really comprehensive cookbook.

Each recipe tells you what you will need, how to create it, how many portions, plus nutritional information. There are over 80 recipes, including Stocks, Soups, Eggs, Pasta, Rice, Pulses, Grains, Vegetables, Potatoes, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Sauces and Dressings, Bread, Sharing Food, Puddings, and much more!

As well as the recipes, there is helpful advice detailing useful equipment, basic nutrition, how to follow a recipe, safety and hygiene, cooking methods, and weekly meal planners

If you are a first-time cook, or want to help someone else learn, this is a perfect solution!

Time A Year and a Day in the Kitchen – Gill Meller

Time A Year and a Day in the Kitchen - Gill MellerSynopsis: Time is the highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning Gather. In it Gill Meller distills the essence of his approach to food and cooking – time spent in the kitchen, with good ingredients, makes for the best possible way of life.

Morning, daytime and night – these are the touchstones of our days, and days are the markers of our years. Gill’s unique dishes fit within this framework, moving through the seasons, from freshness and light, to comfort and warmth.

Gill’s dishes follow the course of the day: simple breakfasts (wild mushroom & sausage chachouka, buckwheat pancakes), glorious seasonal lunches (steamed vegetables with tamari, honey & sunflower seeds, chicken with chamomile, tomato & anchovy tart, date, olive oil & fennel cake), evening gatherings in the soft glow of summer or chill of winter (lentil dhal with crispy kale, roast pheasant with parsnips & chorizo, ceviche with rhubarb, lemon & chilli, treacle tart with thyme & orange, quince & vanilla crème brûlée).

This is the best of modern British cooking, from the most exciting new voice in food writing.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review

This is a gorgeous book, beautifully produced with atmospheric photographs, but above all it is Gill’s voice running throughout the book which is so eloquent and evocative.

“Cooking can be a brilliant way to establish gentler, healthier rhythms in the way we live, as families and as individuals.It is a way to mark the passing of time; it is a way to celebrate it, but also remember it. I believe that every time we make something good to eat, we make a memory.”

We also love the photographs of kitchens placed throughout the book, illustrating the rich diversity and warmth of some of his favourite kitchens.

The recipes, which are simply divided into Morning, Day and Night and through the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are absolutely mouth-watering and delicious; if there is one book to buy and cherish throughout the coming months it is this one!

We are delighted to have chosen Time as our Cookery Book of the Month. Highly Recommended!

A Table in Venice: Recipes from my Home – Skye McAlpine

A Table in Venice: Recipes from my Home - Skye McAlpineSynopsis: Hundreds of thousands of tourists pass through the city of Venice each year, eat at trattorie, and leave having dined in Venice, but not having eaten well. It is the food cooked in homes and made with local ingredients, the recipes passed down through generations that is real Venetian food. It is romantic and it is exotic. It dabbles in spices, and delightfully foreign flavours. It’s pine nuts and raisins, bay leaves and sweet vinegar, heady saffron and creamy mascarpone.

Some of the recipes in A Table in Venice are translated and barely adapted from old Venetian cookbooks, while other dishes are more loosely inspired by the ingredients, the flavours and the everyday life of Venice. All of the recipes are typical of Skye’s cooking style: simple, fresh, colourful and always plentiful, whether it’s quick-to-assemble cicheti – the small plates accompanying an afternoon spritz – or a hearty serving of risotto topped with an extra grating of Parmesan. From Apricot and raisin sticky pastries with a morning espresso, to dinner of Roast duck with apples, pears and chestnuts, A Table in Venice offers a rare glimpse into the tastes and secrets of a true Venetian kitchen.

Skye McAlpine, author of the successful blog From My Dining Table, offers an insider’s perspective on Venetian home cooking, illustrated with her stunning photographs.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Review

This stunning book tops the list as one of our all time favourite cookery books. From the front cover to the last page this book is packed with delicious recipes and the most beautiful and evocative photographs taken by Skye. This is a book that you want to read from cover to cover, each chapter is introduced with a delightful narrative from Skye explaining her daily life in Venice, and a little of the history and tradition behind the recipes.

If you have ever visited Venice this gorgeous book will have you sighing with the memories, and if you have never been it will inspire you to book your ticket!

We are delighted to have chosen A Table in Venice as our Cookery Book of the Month. Highly Recommended!

Britain’s Best Home Cook – Great Food Every Day – Jordan Bourke, Keo Films, Foreword Claudia Winkleman

Britain’s Best Home Cook - Great Food Every Day - Jordan Bourke, Keo Films, Foreword Claudia WinklemanWonderful, simple home cooking including the very best recipes from BBC One’s major new series

Synopsis: Britain’s Best Home Cook is the ultimate collection of delicious, achievable recipes from Britain’s most talented everyday home cooks – those who make great food for their family and friends day in, day out.

This fully photographed official companion to the hit series features all the very best dishes from the show’s contestants – the recipes that the judges Chris Bavin, Mary Berry and Dan Doherty consider wonderful home cooking – and step-by-step advice on achieving the same perfect results for classic dishes and the nation’s favourite meals.

Alongside the show’s brilliant recipes, award-winning food writer Jordan Bourke offers easy-to-follow and fuss-free good food that will bring new, tasty ideas to your kitchen table: quick suppers, great weekend lunches, healthy meals and flavoursome sides and veg dishes.

Here you’ll find recipes that define brilliant modern British home cooking, from the most sublime roast potatoes, an ingenious twist on roast chicken or irresistible yet utterly simple chocolate pudding.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Review
This official book to accompany the BBC show brings together the most outstanding recipes from the series together with a collection of appetising and inspiring dishes with modern twists to go alongside. The content includes, Light Bites, Salads & Sides, Vegetable Mains, Pasta, Rice & Grains, Poultry & Game, Pork, Lamb & Beef, Fish, Baking, Puddings.There is a Best of Home Cook motif to indicate where recipes were selected to be featured from the show.
Beautifully illustrated and with clear step-by-step recipes this delicious book is the perfect companion to the new BBC One series. Highly Recommended!

Roots – Tommy Banks

Roots by Tommy Banks - Hot Brands Cool PlacesSynopsis: Roots is a glorious celebration of the key ingredients grown, foraged and preserved by Tommy close to his award-winning restaurant, The Black Swan in Oldstead, North Yorkshire. Influenced by the rhythms of the land he farms, he renames and redefines the seasons into three growing groups and shares creative recipes, preserving techniques and ideas on using these ‘root’ ingredients all year round. Beautifully shot throughout the shifting seasons the images showcase recipes, the ingredients and the landscape from which they hail.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Review
Watching Tommy Banks on the BBC Great British Menu was an inspiring and refreshing experience, and Roots is equally uplifting. His enthusiasm for foraging, cooking and preserving his home grown ingredients shines throughout the book. His commentary, the recipes and the beautiful photography elevates this beyond a cookbook into a celebration of a way of life. Tommy Banks’ passion for good food shines through and because of his unique approach we have chosen Roots as our Cookery Book of the Month. Highly Recommended!


James Martin’s American Adventure – James Martin

James Martin's American Adventure - James Martin80 classic American recipes
Synopsis: Following on from his triumphant TV show and book James Martin’s French Adventure, our food hero takes on the United States in James Martin’s American Adventure.

The book sees James travel from coast to coast, cooking and eating everywhere from San Francisco to Dallas, Philadelphia to New Orleans, New York to Maine, and sampling the high life in The Hamptons. On the way he cooks with real cowboys at a ranch, caters at Reno air race, and explores Creole food in Baton Rouge.

It’s the culinary journey of a lifetime and here are all the recipes from the series, along with exclusive photography from behind the scenes on James’s extraordinary food trip.

Hot Brands Cool Places Review

This is an absolutely stunning book, packed full with amazing photography capturing the spirit of James Martin’s visit coupled with delicious step by step recipes for Breakfast & Brunch, Starters, Soups and Street Food, Fish, Meat, Poultry & Game, Salads & Pasta, and Desserts. With an introduction and ongoing commentary from James this is a perfect companion to the TV series.

Classic – Mary Berry

Classic - Mary BerrySynopsis:These are my wonderful brand-new recipes – timeless classics, simple British dishes and delicious, modern favourites to tempt family and friends. With my trusted tips and techniques for quick, easy and foolproof cooking, in Classic I’ll show you how to make the very best food in my own special, no-fuss way.” Mary Berry

Britain’s most trusted cook, Mary Berry, has been showing the nation how to make delicious, foolproof food for decades.

This brand-new collection from her landmark new BBC One series brings together everything we love about Mary – wonderfully simple but utterly dependable recipes that are essential for every home. These are recipes everyone can enjoy cooking and eating, no matter their time, budget or confidence.

Featuring all the recipes from Mary’s new television series, each accompanied by Mary’s no-nonsense tips and techniques, this stunning step-by-step cookbook ensures perfect results every time.

From ever-popular classics like Rack of Lamb with Orange and Thyme Sauce or Lemon Meringue Pie, to a perfect loin of pork with apple sauce, all these recipes have been honed and refined by Mary until just right.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
This gorgeous book is an absolute delight, featuring the most mouth-watering and delicious recipes that you can possibly cook. The title really does reflect the contents, which are “classic” and recipes that you will want to create over and over again. With an introduction, really helpful Cook’s Notes and recipes for Fish, Poultry and Game, Pork, Lamb and Beef, Vegetarian, Salads and Side dishes, and the most sublime Puddings, Desserts, and Teatime recipes this is a book that should be on every kitchen bookshelf. We loved it so much it’s our Highly Recommended Cookery Book of the Month!

One Pan. 100 Brilliant Meals– Mari Mererid Williams

One Pan. 100 Brilliant Meals– Mari Mererid WilliamsSynopsis: One pan really is all you need to solve those weeknight dinner dilemmas!

All your favourite recipes made simple. Using store cupboard staples, simple cooking methods and creative twists to suit all appetites, not to mention, no more expensive kitchen kit, and hardly any washing up!

This book is packed with delicious pan-to-table recipes from breakfasts and mains to desserts and baking – comforting and warming or light and healthy, there’s something for everyone, and for all abilities.

So, feed a crowd, whip up a meal for one, or impress friends with these tasty dishes, from Pan fried gnocchi with broccoli, hazelnuts and garlic, to Avocado and black bean quesadillas, Cheat’s frying pan lasagne, Sweet potato dhal, and even Pizza. You can even create delicious sweet treats and bakes, including Soda bread, Fried cinnamon brioche and Chocolate brownies.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
Packed full with suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks and desserts, as well as advice about choices of pan, One Pan. 100 Brilliant Meals is a really useful book to kick-start the new year. If you are looking for delicious and easy to create recipes, this is a really delightful collection.

Buddha Bowls – Hannah Pemberton

Buddha Bowls – Hannah Pemberton - Hot Brands Cool PlacesSynopsis: Buddha Bowls are the plant-based, perfectly balanced, fun way to eat.

They follow a very simple formula: Grain + Green + Protein (+ Zen)

And are tasty, nourishing and easy to make.

The new ‘meat and two veg’ dinner, Buddha Bowls ensure you get all the nutrients you need with no-fuss and no need for meat protein. All recipes are vegetarian or vegan, and vegan swaps are provided throughout.

Lunch Bowls are perfect for work lunch, Recovery Bowls offer comfort and refreshment after a workout, Quicker-than-a-takeaway Bowls offer deconstructed take-away favourites made healthy, Evening Bowls offer comfort and cosiness for an evening meal, and Dinner Party Bowls are ideal for sharing with friends.

Learn how to build a perfectly balanced bowl and customize it with a host of fresh ingredients, dressings, toppings and sauces.

Plant-based eating has never been so simple.

Hot Brands Cool Places
Buddha Bowls is a beautifully illustrated handy size cookbook packed with a variety of delicious recipes. It includes Dressings & Sauces, together with a whole variety of recipes perfect for different times of the day as well as for sharing with friends. Buddha Bowls also encourages a ritual of preparing and eating mindfully enjoying every mouthful. A delicious way to start 2018!

CHARITABLE BOOKINGS Signature Dish Recipe Book– Edited by David Johnstone

CHARITABLE BOOKINGS Signature Dish Recipe Book– Edited by David JohnstoneSynopsis: 365 of the best loved chefs from the UK’s leading restaurants, private members clubs and 5* hotels have collaborated with CHARITABLE BOOKINGS by sharing their secret main course Signature Dish recipe to help raise money and awareness for 1,000’s of UK registered charities.

These 365 mouthwatering recipes can be found in the both the 754 page, 3.2kg hard back coffee table cook book with a limited edition slip case, making the perfect gift for all foodies this Christmas, priced at £40 with £5 going to a charity of the buyers choice from a growing list of over 8,500 UK registered charities or everyone can enjoy 100 of these stunning recipes for free by simply downloading the CHARITABLE BOOKINGS app with the remaining 265 recipes accessible with a token in-app purchase of £3.99 with £1 going again to a cause close to the customers heart.

These recipes are all exceptional and are from 365 our best loved chefs including Jason Atherton, Rick Stein, Paul Ainsworth, Tom Aikens, Marcus Wareing, Tom Kerridge, Raymond Blanc, Claude Bosi, Angela Hartnett, Atul Kochhar, Anton Mosimann and Albert Roux and feature dishes from UK leading restaurants including Le Pont De La Tour, Dinner by Heston, Sushi Samba, Pollen Street Social, L’Enclume, Le Caprice, Bibendum, Nobu, Daphne’s, Sexy Fish, Colbert and The Ivy. Alongside some of the UK’s nest restaurants we are also delighted to have main course Signature Dish secret recipes from some of the best private members clubs and 5* hotels head chefs including; The Ritz, The Lanesborough, The Berkeley, Claridge’s, The Groucho Club, The Goring Hotel, The Garrick Club, The Four Seasons Hotel Park Lane, The Dorchester, White’s Club, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, and Annabel’s.

Every recipe is special from the simple favourites like The Ivy’s classic Shepherd’s Pie to dinner party show stoppers like the Famous Grouse from John William’s at The Ritz as well as mouth-watering winter warmers such as Tom Aikens’ 7 hour-braised shoulder of lamb. Every dish is accompanied by clear and easy to follow step by step instructions allowing you to create restaurant quality dishes in your own home.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
This is a sumptuous book, beautifully presented with stunning photography and delicious recipes from many of the best loved chefs, sharing their signature dishes to help raise money for charity. This is a special gift for anyone who loves cooking or wants to experience the mouth-watering dishes included in this wonderful collection. Highly Recommended!

Nathan Outlaw’s Home Kitchen – Nathan Outlaw

Nathan Outlaw’s Home Kitchen100 recipes to cook for family and friends

Synopsis: The fourth book from the 2 Michelin-starred chef, with over 100 amazing recipes for effortless home cooking.

With two children and a busy professional life as a chef with restaurants in Cornwall, London and Dubai, Nathan knows how hard it is to juggle cooking for the family with a hectic work schedule. In his Home Kitchen, Nathan offers over 100 recipes, covering all kinds of food, to inspire and improve your cooking.

From sustaining breakfasts and lovely lunches, such as crab and chilli omelette and satay quail salad, through the best ever Sunday roasts and accompaniments, to easy everyday dinners like chicken and leek pie and breaded hake with tartare sauce, everything is approachable and flavourful. For special occasions there are enticing ideas such as prawn and champagne risotto and barbecued butterflied leg of lamb, and to round off the dinner, how about sticky toffee pudding or elderflower custard tart with poached gooseberries?

Nathan’s approach to cooking is honest and straightforward – no messing about when it comes to good food for family and friends – and these are all the recipes you will ever need.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
We have loved all of Nathan’s previous books, and this book is another great example of his easy to cook, full of flavour delicious meals. There are over 100 really tasty suggestions for meals from breakfast to special dinners. There are some real family favourites included, and as the title suggests this book is right at home in the heart of the kitchen. We absolutely loved it and are delighted that it is our Cookery Book of the Month!

Available from 20th April 2017

Mary Berry Everyday – Mary Berry

Mary Berry Everyday – Mary BerrySynopsis: ‘Everyday cooking is about sharing your love of food with family and friends. With this book I hope that you will feel encouraged to create new favourites, making everyday meals into something extra-special.’

Add a little Mary magic to your cooking with 120 brand-new recipes from the inspiring new BBC series. Delicious family suppers, tempting food for sharing and plenty of sweet treats, all made with everyday ingredients and a clever twist.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
We love this latest book from Mary Berry, the nation’s favourite, packed full of very useful information and delicious recipes.
The content includes the following: Introduction, Recipe Finder, Food for Sharing, First Courses and Light Lunches, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Game, Poultry, Fish, Vegetarian, Sides and Salads, Puddings and Desserts, Teatime. What we love about this book is that it is full of helpful advice at each stage of the process, as well as mouth watering illustrations, the recipes include advice about preparing ahead and Mary’s Everyday Tips. A wonderful book, every home should have one! This Highly Recommended book is our Book of the Month!

Mary Berry Everyday – Mary Berry

Rick Stein’s Long Weekends – Rick Stein

Front Cover of Rick Stein's Long Weekends - Rick Stein Synopsis: Cadiz, Palermo, Copenhagen and more… Rick Stein goes in search of good food in fabulous locations, and all of them just a quick hop, skip and a jump from the UK.

Rick Stein’s Long Weekends will accompany the second half of the BBC One series, airing in Autumn 2016.

Rick Stein’s passion for using good-quality local produce and his talent for creating delicious flavour combinations in his books and restaurants have won him a host of awards, accolades and fans. As well as presenting a number of television series, he has published many best-selling cookery books, including French Odyssey, Coast to Coast, Far Eastern Odyssey, Rick Stein’s Spain and Rick Stein’s India.

In this new book Rick inspires in two ways, as a travel guide, to go out and discover these wonderful places yourself, but equally why not make time to have a long weekend at home to cook for family and friends.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
Rick Stein’s Long Weekends is a beautifully illustrated book with stunning location photography, based on a television series in which he embarks on a series of weekends in search of good food and brilliant recipes. The result is a collection of over 100 delicious recipes divided by each day of the weekend, quick and easy for a Friday night supper, substantial Saturday brunches and lunches, Saturday evening entertainment dishes followed by Sunday lunch and dinners, plus coffee and teatime treats. Accompanied by Rick’s personal memories and travel tips for each city, this beautiful book will inspire you to create your own magical weekends either at home or abroad. Highly Recommended!

Chocolate by Pierre Hermé & Sergio Coimbra

Front cover of Pierre Hermé ChocolateSynopsis: Nicknamed the “Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue magazine, master pâtissier Pierre Hermé has revolutionized traditional pastry-making. Insatiably creative, in this new volume Hermé returns to his first passion–chocolate. Retracing his longstanding love affair with the versatile cacao bean, this work reveals daring creations that display the celebrated pastry chef’s signature innovative style, which has transformed the realm of pâtisserie. It includes thirty-five recipes, from original combinations such as chocolate, banana, and ginger cake or chocolate and lemon madeleines, to rich, iconic desserts like his Infiniment Chocolat Baba Cake, Infiniment Chocolat Macaron, or yuzu-flavored Éclair Azur. Following an intense, synergetic collaboration with photographer Sergio Coimbra, this unique book pays homage to the purity and simplicity of chocolate and its diverse forms and textures. Under Coimbra’s lens, every facet of chocolate is captured in its essence, tempting the reader to enjoy the myriad delights that constitute Pierre Hermé’s extraordinary chocolate repertoire.

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Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
This book is absolutely stunning, the imagery is sublime, and the recipes mouth-wateringly delicious. There is no better way to celebrate Chocolate Week than with this beautifully innovative book. Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate is a book to delight, and kept as a cherished possession and then handed down from generation to generation. Highly Recommended.

Here is one of the delicious recipes:

Éclair Azur by Pierre HermeÉclair Azur
Azur Éclair

Makes about 20 éclairs

Preparation Time: About 1 h
Cooking Time: About 25 mins.
Chilling Time: 30 mins.


Choux Pastry:
7 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons (3 3/4 oz./110 g) butter
1/2 cup (4 1/3 oz./125 g) mineral water
1/2 cup (4 1/3 oz./125 g) whole milk
1 teaspoon (5 g) superfine sugar
1 teaspoon (5 g) Fleur de sel, preferably Guérande
1 1/2 cups (5 oz./140 g) flour
1 cup (8 3/4 oz./250 g) whole eggs

Manjari Chocolate and Yuzu Cream:
2 teaspoons (1/3 oz./8 g) powdered gelatin, or 4 gelatin sheets of 2 g
13 1/4 oz. (375 g) Manjari 64% dark chocolate (Valrhona)
1 cup (8 oz./225 g) yuzu juice
1 cup (8 oz./225 g) egg yolks
1 cup (8 oz./225 g) superfine sugar
2/3 cup (5 3/4 oz./165 g) whole milk
2 cups (16 1/3 oz./465 g) liquid cream

Chocolate Glaze:
1/3 cup (3 oz./90 g) mineral water
1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz./100 g) superfine sugar
2 3/4 oz. (80 g) cocoa paste, or 100% cocoa dark chocolate
17 2/3 oz. (500 g) fondant

80 small pieces candied yuzu rind

Photo credit is Sergio Coimbra, from Pierre Hermé: Chocolate (Flammarion, 2016)

Front cover of Pierre Hermé ChocolateFind out more about Pierre Hermé

Bake Off: Crème de la Crème by Martin Chiffers and Emma Marsden

Bake Off: Crème de la Crème by Martin Chiffers and Emma MarsdenSynopsis: Master the secrets of showstopping patisserie with the beautiful book of the BBC series presented by Tom Kerridge, and from the team behind Great British Bake Off.

Make your cooking the crème de la crème – learn the tips and tricks of Britain’s greatest pastry chefs with the book of the spectacular BBC series, from the team behind Great British Bake Off.

With patisserie skills broken down to their simplest elements, you will soon be familiar with the ingredients, equipment and chemistry behind the showstopping creations you see on-screen and in the best restaurants, and be inspired to make your own irresistibly indulgent treats.

From croissants to intricately layered slices and eye-catching petit gateaux, each mouth-watering recipe is illustrated with stunning photographs and accompanied by expert advice on equipment and how to achieve a truly professional finish.

The recipes covered include:

Baking and Viennoiserie

Layered slices


Petit gateaux


Classic puddings and desserts

Petit Fours and biscuits

The perfect book for Great British Bake Off fans wanting to take their bakes to the next level, or anyone inspired by the BBC series to find out more about the secrets of great patisserie.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

This book is glorious! Beautifully photographed, with detailed recipes and the most mouth-watering delectable treats, as well as back ground details on the BBC series Bake Off: Crème de la Crème. If you want to develop your patisserie skills this book is a Masterclass in how to achieve perfection. We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!

Good + Simple by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

Good + Simple - Jasmine and Melissa HemsleySynopsis: Good + Simple celebrates the pleasure of delicious food that is simple to make, a joy to share and just so happens to be good for you. Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley’s principles of healthy home cooking built around gut health, whole foods and affordable ingredients show how tasty and achievable eating well can be.

The sisters have created 140 nutritious and exciting recipes – reworked classics, prepare ahead dishes, fast suppers with leftovers for packed lunches, energising breakfasts and snacks, satisfying breads, desserts and bakes. Infused with Jasmine and Melissa’s love of cooking and eating, Good + Simple includes plenty of practical tips and down-to-earth advice to help you gain confidence in the kitchen, plan for the coming week and cook for you and your family with ease. Enjoy real food. Look and feel amazing every day.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

We loved The Art of Eating Well, and this second book by Jasmine and Melissa is equally delicious! We love their philosophy and their motto, “Good food, good mood, good digestion, good health” This book is packed with good nutritional advice, Good + Simple cooking tips, how to get started and The One Week Reboot, followed by a wonderful collection of recipes. The recipes are clear and easy to follow with stunning photography throughout. The book concludes with another really helpful section, Planning Ahead, Stocking your Kitchen, Kitchen Essentials, Good+ Simple Habits to help you feel better, Eating Well on the Go.

This isn’t just a cookbook, it’s a way of life and Good + Simple is a recipe for living that we can all adopt. We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!

Mary Berry’s Foolproof Cooking

Mary Berry's Foolproof CookingSynopsis: In this brand-new, official tie-in to Mary’s much anticipated BBC Two television series, the nation’s best-loved home cook will teach you to cook with confidence, with over 120 delicious recipes.

This book features all the recipes from the show, including delicious weeknight dinners, irresistible dinner party suggestions and of course, plenty of tempting traybakes and biscuits for those with a sweet tooth. Featuring her no-nonsense tips and techniques, each chapter ensures perfect results every time, whatever you’re cooking. In addition, Mary’s no-fuss advice will help you foolproof your kitchen – whether that’s preparing ahead to entertain a crowd, planning weekly family meals, or ensuring your store cupboard is well stocked. With Mary’s no-fuss guidance, discover how every delicious dish can be made completely foolproof.

 Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

If you have been enjoying the BBC Two television series you will love this book. The content includes Sharing Platters & Nibbles, Breads, Soups & Starters, Fish, Poultry & Game, Pork, Beef & Lamb, Pasta & Rice, Salads & Vegetables, Desserts & Puddings, Sweet Pies & Tarts, Cakes & Biscuits.

As well as Mary’s Foolproof tips with the recipes, there is also really helpful advice about cooking bread, meat, fish, pasta and how to foolproof your store cupboard, freezer and ingredients.

Beautifully produced with mouth-watering photography and easy to cook delicious recipes, this is an absolute delight! Another Mary Berry book to treasure! Highly Recommended!

Jamie’s Everyday Super Food – Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Everyday Superfood
Synopsis: Jamie’s Everyday Super Food makes eating well exciting, delicious, easy and fun.
Over the last year, in the run up to his 40th birthday, Jamie has been on a personal journey, exploring his relationship with food and his body, and rediscovering how to make his ‘engine’ run as efficiently as possible. By making some gradual and significant changes to his diet and lifestyle, he has seen a dramatic improvement in his own health and well-being. Now he wants to share what he has learnt with the public.

No matter how busy you are, you’ll find that healthy eating the Jamie way is both straightforward and achievable, making it super easy to choose exactly the kind of meals that suit you.

His new book contains recipes for 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners as well as fresh and original ideas for healthy snacks and drinks. The recipes are simple, tasty, nutritious and really accessible. This is a flexible, every day, healthy cookbook that lets the reader choose whether to fundamentally change their lifestyle, or to simply adopt the recipes for a tasty midweek meal or two.

In addition to helping us to be mindful about what we eat, Jamie has also taken advice from top experts in the world of nutrition, health and sleep and the result is what Jamie does best, lots of bite-sized information and delicious recipes. The book ties in with the Channel 4 series, Jamie’s Super Food.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
If you have been watching the Channel 4 series, Jamie’s Super Food, this is a fabulous companion book full of delicious recipes:
From Smoothie Pancakes with Berries, Banana, Yoghurt and Nuts for breakfast, Tasty Fish Tacos with Game-Changing Kiwi, Lime and Chilli Salsa for lunch to Griddled Steak and Peppers with Herby-Jewelled Tabbouleh Rice for dinner, there a some delightfully healthy choices!

Beautifully illustrated and packed full with helpful and enthusiastic healthy living advice from Jamie, this book is a wonderfully inspiring addition to any home kitchen this Autumn. Highly Recommended!

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver is published by Penguin Random House
ⓒ Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited (2015 Everyday Super Food) Photographer: Jamie Oliver

Cookery Book Reviews – 6th November 2014


How To Cook The Perfect... Marcus WareingHow To Cook The Perfect… Marcus Wareing

Synopsis: Learn the essential skills behind exceptional results

Winner of Great British Menu and Best Dessert, Marcus Wareing guides you through 80 enticing recipes, offering a chef’s level of understanding, with step-by-step recipes so that you can achieve perfect results, every time.
Inspired by his mother’s home cooking, Marcus draws on his experience as Chef Patron at the Savoy Grill in London, and as a father teaching his young sons to cook food for the family. Every recipe has a Key to Perfection, with all the need-to-know tips and techniques that promise success, plus All-Is-Not-Lost advice to rescue you from mistakes.
This book will give you the confidence to tackle any dish, safe in the knowledge that you will get perfect results every time.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
If you are enjoying Marcus Wareing on BBC Two’s popular MasterChef: The Professionals you will love this new edition of his bestselling book. Beautifully photographed and filled with mouth-watering recipes, this book is a delicious addition to any kitchen! Highly Recommended!


Venice Cult Recipes by Laura ZavanVenice Cult Recipes by Laura Zavan

Capturing the essence of Venice and its food, this is a book to dream over as well as to cook from. Black cuttlefish risotto, grilled squid, fancy antipasti, delicious Venetian sweets and ice creams-here are 100 recipes that conjure up the real Venice. There are recipes for fish, chicken, antipasti, ravioli, gnocchi, risotto, soups, snacks, polenta and desserts. There are also recipes for Venetian drinks, including the internationally renowned bellini, the perfect blend of white peach juice with sparkling prosecco, invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1930 at Harry’s Bar in Venice, and synonymous with the sparkling city. Author Laura Zavan shares her knowledge of Venetian food and its history generously, and includes commentary and maps for five guided walks around Venice that stop off at cafes, restaurants, food markets and wine cellars. So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Venice, you can experience authentic Venetian food and wine first-hand.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
Venice is one of our favourite places, and this book is an absolute delight, beautifully illustrated, from Venetian style Aperitif’s to Desserts. In addition to the recipes there are breathtaking photographs of the city, and Laura also includes the history, markets and guided walks.

This is so much more than a collection of recipes, it is a joyous experience! We loved it! Highly Recommended!


Slow Cooked: 200 exciting, new recipes for your slow cooker by Miss SouthSlow Cooked: 200 exciting, new recipes for your slow cooker by Miss South

Synopsis: In her first book, Miss South turns to one of her favourite kitchen appliances, her beloved slow-cooker, and shares 200 recipes for economical, adventurous food. Look forward to recipes such as Pulled Pork, Sausage Ragu, spicy Gumbo, Beetroot Orzotto and easy Christmas Pudding. 

Her ideas include plenty of hearty mains and scrumptious puddings, clever baking recipes for cakes and bread cooked in the slow cooker, plus quick-and-easy side dishes and creative ways for using up any leftovers. 

This is no-fuss, affordable, slow-cooker food at its best.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
You will be amazed at how many delicious recipes can be cooked in a slow-cooker. With an introduction describing how to get the best from your slow-cooker, Miss South then delivers 200 recipes demonstrating the versatility of this form of cooking. Original and tasty food! Highly Recommended!

Great British Bake Off: Christmas by Lizzie Kamenetzky


Great British Bake Off: Christmas by Lizzie KamenetzkySynopsis

The ultimate Bake Off Christmas collection with all of Paul Hollywood’s and Mary Berry’s Christmas masterclass recipes. Also includes new bakes from all four winners, Edd Kimber, Jo Wheatley, John Whaite and Frances Quinn, plus other wonderful Bake Off contestants.

Whip up tempting Christmas nibbles like Potato Blinis with Smoked Salmon, or Parmesan Palmiers, perfect for a party. Spice up your home – and get the kids involved too – with Stained Glass Tree Biscuits and a Raspberry and Cinnamon Christmas Wreath. For the main event, there is plenty of inspiration for tempting party nibbles or a festive feast, like Baked Christmas Ham or a Venison Pie – and ingenious ideas for how to make the most of all those leftovers

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

If you are missing the Great Briitish Bake Off this is the perfect book for you! Full of delicious mouth watering images, each chapter also includes spectacular recipes from Bake Off contestants, and Mary and Paul reveal the secrets to those classic Christmas dishes – whether it’s Paul’s perfect mince pies or Mary’s ultimate Christmas pudding. 

Packed with everything from edible decorations and delicious gifts to party dishes and show stopping centrepieces, this book is the perfect Christmas companion. Highly Recommended!

Cookery Book Reviews 19.09.14

Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect Step by StepMary Berry Cooks The Perfect – Mary Berry
Synopsis: Cook Mary Berry’s new recipe collection to perfection

National treasure Mary Berry is one of the UK’s best-loved and most respected cookery writers and bakers. She is widely known for being a judge on the hit BBC2 TV programme The Great British Bake Off, and as a result she has appealed to a whole new generation of cooks. Her new TV series Mary Berry Cooks, which aired earlier this year, attracted over 3.2 million viewers.

Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect features over 100 exciting new recipes, from quick family suppers to rustle up after work to more impressive dishes for entertaining. Some are tried and tested favourites with a modern twist, others use a selection of new ingredients and flavour combinations, including Sea Bass with Creamy Lemon Sauce and Roast Chicken with Tarragon Butter, Spiced Dorset Apple Traybake and Blackberry and Elderflower Sorbet.

What sets this book apart is Mary’s ‘Keys to Perfection’. For each recipe Mary identifies the crucial parts you need to get right to guarantee the best results, and demonstrates it with photographic step-by-steps to ensure you really can’t go wrong. It’s almost like Mary is in your kitchen with you, saying “watch out for this bit” or “keep an eye on that”, whilst also sharing many of the techniques she has honed over the years. Learn the secret to crisp pork crackling, melt-in-the-mouth salmon, how to bake a featherlight cake or the key to a super crunchy crumble topping.

Mary knows the details that will make all the difference, and with Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect you’ll discover how to make your cooking that extra bit special.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
In this beautifully illustrated book, there are delicious recipes, step-by-step instructions plus Mary’s Top Tips and Keys to Perfection. Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, or for a special meal for friends you will find plenty of inspiration here! We love having Mary Berry in our kitchen! Highly Recommended!


Tessa Kiros: The Recipe CollectionTessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection
Synopsis: Tessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection is a carefully curated selection of recipes from the author’s culinary publishing career to date. With over 130 family- friendly meal ideas pulled from some of Tessa’s most-popular books, The Recipe Collection focuses solely on the recipes she has lovingly collected and created on her many travels. Food from Tessa’s own Finnish and Greek Cypriot heritage appear alongside dishes she has discovered in the osterias, tavernas, street stalls and neighborhood kitchens of the many countries she has called home: Italy, Portugal and South Africa. Beautifully designed and organised in a classic, accessible format. This is family food at its best; nourishing and delicious, and easy to recreate thanks to the simplicity of ingredients and Tessa’s warm, down-to-earth writing style.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
We have loved all of Tessa’s earlier books, instantly recognizable by the beautiful imagery, and The Recipe Collectionis no exception, the photography is stunning and the recipes created with affection. The nine chapters cover all occasions: breakfasts, smaller bites, soups, salads, pasta, gnocchi & risotto, seafood, meat, vegetables and desserts. This is a delicious journey drawing on Tessa’s experiences of wonderful food. Highly Recommended!

The Meat Cookbook - Nichola Fletcher The Meat Cookbook – Nichola Fletcher
Synopsis: Your master guide to cooking meat
Know the cuts and master the skills, The Meat Book will help you conquer cooking meat, with over 300 meat recipes combined with expert advice about getting the best from quality meats and experimenting with more unusual cuts.

With butchery courses on the rise and people wanting quality cuts of meat at a good price, The Meat Book is here to help you learn everything about cooking meat, from top to tail. You can try meat recipes such as oxtail stew, beef carpaccio and pork stir-fry, plus over 50 step-by-step techniques on how to cook a turkey, how to make sausages and more. All the mouth-watering recipes for pork, lamb, beef, poultry, game and offal include timing and temperature charts to make sure you get the perfect flavour, plus help with choosing which herbs go with different meats.

To help you create tasty meat dishes there is a unique ‘How to Butcher’ section which provides illustrated step-by- steps and focuses on cuts of meat that can be easily butchered at home. You also get tips on how to use a meat thermometer, how to test for ‘doneness’ and how to experiment with flavour pairings.,,9781409345022,00.html

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
If you love meat, you will love this book, it is packed with recipes and information about how to get the best from the different cuts of meat,
plus expert advice from butchers on the best cooking techniques, The Meat Book is the perfect guide to help you prepare and cook delicious cuts of meat.

The Great British Bake Off: Big Book of Baking by Linda Collister

The Great British Bake Off: Big Book of Baking by Linda CollisterSynopsis: Bake your way through the much-loved BBC1 series with this beautiful, fully photographic cookbook of 120 original recipes, including those from both the judges and the bakers.

This book is for every baker – whether you want to whip up a quick batch of easy biscuits at the very last minute or you want to spend your time making a breathtaking showstopper, there are recipes and decoration options for creating both.

Using straightforward, easy-to-follow techniques there are reliable recipes for biscuits, traybakes, bread, large and small cakes, sweet pastry and patisserie, savoury pastry, puddings and desserts. Each chapter transports you on set and showcases the best recipes from the challenges including

Mary and Paul’s Signature Bakes, Technical Challenges and Showstoppers, plus the best bakers’ recipes from the show.
There are step-by-step photographs to help guide you through the more complicated techniques and stunning photography throughout, making this the perfect gift for all bakers and Bake Off fans.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
We love BBC1’s The Great British Bake Off and we were very excited when this fabulous book to accompany the current series arrived on our desks! The contents include, A Baker’s Guide – full of useful information and techniques, Biscuits and Traybakes, Breads, Cakes, Sweet Pastry and Patisserie, Savoury Bakes, Puddings and Desserts. Each chapter is full of the best recipes from the challenges, plus Mary and Paul’s recipes and Masterclasses.

Beautifully illustrated and full of the most delicious recipes for every occasion, it is a stunning companion to the series! We loved it! Highly Recommended!

Simple Cakes by Mary Berry

Mary Berry Simple CakesSynopsis: Let Simple Cakes dispel the myth that cake-baking is all fuss and fiddle. Now Mary Berry guides you through the art of making the ultimate in comfort food, from cakes, biscuits and pastries, to meringues and more. From Coffee Cake and Devonshire Scones to Lavender Biscuits and, of course, the classic Victoria Sponge, each delicious recipe is accompanied by step-by-step illustrations and simple instructions to ensure impressive results every time. 

Including sections on ingredients, equipments and methods, as well as suggested party menus, baking has never been so simple.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
This book starts with a really helpful introductory section, with Mary sharing her wisdom on cake-making methods, ingredients and equipment.
As Mary says ‘There is really nothing to beat a good home-made cake. There is no mystique about making them. You simply need to follow a good, sound recipe meticulously, use the very best ingredients, bake it in the right-sized tin at the advised oven temperature and enjoy the result’ This delightful book is divided into Chocolate Cakes, Favourite Cakes, Bite-sized cakes, Meringues, Tarts and Pastries and Cakes for Occasions. A must for your afternoon tea! Highly Recommended!

NO-BAKE BAKING by Sharon Hearne-Smith

NO-BAKE BAKING by Sharon Hearne-SmithSynopsis: Who says baking has to be hard work? In No-Bake Baking, Sharon Hearne-Smith shows how to create over 100 impressive sweet treats with absolutely no need for conventional baking. These easy recipes can be magicked up in your fridge, freezer, microwave or blender – or even your slow cooker, bread machine or sandwich toaster! Sharon cleverly transforms simple ingredients like rice krispies, pancakes, cookie crumbs, popcorn and marshmallows into stunning cakes, biscuits and desserts, saving you hours in the kitchen and guaranteeing gorgeous results every time.
You’ll find an array of jaw-dropping temptations, from iced lemon meringue cake, striped blueberry cheesecake and deep-pan double-chocolate mousse pie, to traybakes with a twist, such as rocky road white knuckle ride, trillionaire’s toffee tiffin and orange & hazelnut ‘brownie’ bars. Enjoy sweet mouthfuls like mini pecan pies with pretzel bases, chocolate peanut butter cups, and super-cute doughnut pops, plus inventive layered refrigerator cakes, frozen bombes, a back-to-front trifle cake and much, much more.
Wave goodbye to burnt edges and soggy bottoms: these ingenious recipes are fast, fuss-free and every bit as rewarding as anything from the oven.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
This is an ingenious book, full of  delicious recipes that can be very easily created, perfect for holidays. With recipe titles like Rocky Road White Knuckle Ride  and Slightly Bonkers Pink Zebra Cheesecake with Marshmallow Pops, alongside the more sophisticated Raspberry and Chocolate Crepeathon Cake this is a delicious collection  for children and adults alike.  Highly Recommended!

Ice Kitchen – 50 Lolly Recipes – Cesar

50 Lolly RecipesIce Kitchen – 50 Lolly Recipes – Cesar and Nadia Roden

Synopsis: Artist Nadia Roden began making gourmet artisan lollies in the summer of 2011 in New York.  Inspired by a photo of a leaf frozen inside a transparent lolly, she began wondering what other flavours and concoctions could be frozen in ice.  She began selling her lollies at the High Line Park, and was soon joined by her nephew Cesar to help her keep up with demand.  When Cesar brought the business back to London, Ice Kitchen was born in Spring 2013.

The book explains the simple techniques required for successful ice lollies, as well as exciting ways to serve and present them for all sorts of occasions – from weddings and dinner parties to children’s parties.
The 50 recipes cover adventurous and exciting options like Roast Peach and Tarragon, Cantaloupe and Basil, and Ruby Grapefruit and Campari in addition to classic flavour combinations, such as Strawberries and Cream, and Orange and Lemon.

Nadia and Cesar’s inventive ideas are sure to inspire, such as the Drenched Watermelon, designed to have fresh lime juice squeezed over it as you eat, or the Cereal Milk which is infused overnight.  Child-friendly flavours include Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl, Minted Milk or Butterscotch.
Nadia has also been inspired by her own childhood memories of flavours made by her mother Claudia (Cesar’s grandmother), such Pistachio and Rose or Egyptian Hibiscus and Peach; others were inspired by classics from around the world, like the Spanish sherry with raisin, or the Sicilian cassata.

This is an irresistible little book, full of wonderful flavours and inspiring ways with ice!

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
The front cover describes these recipes as ‘sensations on a stick’ and this certainly is a true description of the fabulous flavours found inside. This delightful book starts with the charming history of the Ice Kitchen, followed by the techniques, equipment and procedure for making lollies and then the main event – how to create the lollies. This stunning mouth-watering collection is an absolute joy, a perfect accompaniment to a summer’s day! Highly Recommended!

Tea Fit for a Queen: Recipes & Drinks for Afternoon Tea

Tea Fit for a Queen: Recipes & Drinks for Afternoon Tea Introduction by Lucy Worsley and in association with Historic Royal Palaces

Filled with recipes that have stood the test of time as well as fascinating anecdotes and tales, Tea Fit for a Queen reveals how the tradition of afternoon tea started in royal Britain. Over 40 charming recipes include everything from delicate finger sandwiches to Victoria sponge cake, Chelsea Buns and a Champagne Cocktail.

In these pages learn about the infamous royals and their connection to the history of tea; why jam pennies were Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite tea time treat and how mead cake came to be served during Henry VIII’s reign. Discover what cake William and Catherine selected for their wedding and hear why orange-scented scones became a royal tradition at Kensington Palace. Tea Fit for a Queen presents a taste of palace etiquette to take home.

Tea Fit For A Queen (Ebury Press, £10)

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

This is a stunning book, full of fascinating facts about our historic royal palaces and the history of afternoon tea. The delicious recipes are beautifully photographed with clear step-by-step instructions. One of our favourite books this year, we absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!

The Art of Eating Well by Jasmine Hemsley, Melissa Hemsley

Synopsis:The Art of Eating Well - Jasmine Hemsley , Melissa Hemsley In The Art of Eating Well London-based sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley teach their principles of life-long healthy eating with exciting and inventive recipes that are so delicious you forget the purpose is good health and nourishment. 

Jasmine and Melissa’s philosophy is simple: a healthy gut leads to a healthy body and mind, and a better, happier you; that changing the way you eat doesn’t have to involve deprivation, but can be enjoyed everyday – whether you are home, work, with family or friends, or eating out. 

This stunning book includes over 150 mouth-watering recipes – all of which are free from grain, gluten, refined sugar, high starch and are alkaline friendly. 

The sisters’ down-to-earth, encouraging and practical guidance will motivate you to try new foods and no longer crave high sugar and processed foods. They include comprehensive advice on ingredients, techniques, equipment, cooking in advance, meal plans, juicing, and packed lunches and snacks that fit busy lifestyles. The Art of Eating Well is a kitchen bible that delivers maximum taste and maximum nutrition.

The Art Of Eating Well by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley (Ebury Press, £25)

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

The Art of Eating Well is divided into clear categories – Kitchen and Store Cupboard Basics; Cooking in Advance; Breakfast; Soups; Salads; Sides and Snacks; Main Meals, including meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian; Baking and Desserts; Dips, Dressings and Sauces; Juices and Smoothies and Basics.

 Beautifully photographed and designed, with step-by-step preparation notes The Art of Eating Well is packed with nourishing recipes. A delicious and healthy addition to your summer kitchen! Highly Recommended!