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Caroline started painting porcelain and glass for her home, friends and family about 5 years ago, when she could not find vibrant or hand painted porcelain on the High Street. In 2010, motivated by the insistence of friends as to the originality, exuberance and desirability of her work, she decided to make a range of exuberant, hand painted porcelain and glass and her first cows, cachepots and glasses were launched in the December.
This has coincided with a return to colour in design, and Caroline’s range aims to combine such colour with refinement and quality.

Last year she extended her range using distinctive and limited edition designs to create a choice of very select ranges to decorate the home.

The cow butter dishes are dear to Caroline’s heart, representing the beautiful herds around her home in the Chilterns, and the vibrant colour and light of the South of France, where she does much of her painting. The herd always proves a talking point!

She revived refinement and fun in dining, with the Diversity range of fine bone china tableware. Each guest has their own design and the pieces can be mixed and matched to express your spirit and individuality.

Another aim was to reinvigorate the art of giving, and to avoid those unwanted house gifts! Much time was taken to create beautiful gift bags and boxes in which all pieces are presented. More importantly, the objects themselves are conceived to be fabulous yet useful gifts. They now range from a porcelain pillar tea light holder or bone china apple dish in a myriad of designs, (a lasting alternative to a bunch of flowers), to the cows, cachepots and presentation dishes which make very special wedding gifts, many with the option of a painted commemorative date.

The Scent-sational Candles are more than a scented candle, they are an enduring gift. After the scrumptious wax is exhausted, the beautifully painted 42% bone china jar can be refilled or used for your basil plant or cotton buds! The wealth of original designs can satisfy any taste.

Most recently, very limited edition presentation bowls and plates make irresistible centrepieces for traditional or modern decors.

The kitchen can now be a brighter place! The hand painted olive oil bottles, many with a Mediterranean esprit, enhance cooking and provide an immediate uplift to any table, allowing the modern enthusiasm for interesting olive oil to be showcased in a stunning porcelain bottle.

Caroline has also considered functionality and practicality, intending the range for everyday use. The bone china is stronger than pottery and does not chip easily. All pieces are entirely hand painted with on-glaze porcelain paints which have a lustre and immediacy which is vivid and exciting. However, this decoration is by its nature, more fragile than everyday transfers or under-glaze pottery, and it can be scratched. However, the paints are resistant to moderate dishwasher cycles, although hand washing would prolong their life and lustre.

Combine Colour, Originality, Quality and Refinement, then Gift Box!

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