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Every David Harber creation is, in essence, a sculpture. Inspired by the interaction of light, landscape and water, David Harber uses contemporary three-dimensional design to celebrate unpredictability, illusion and the passage of time.

Since 1992, his custom-built sundials, garden sculptures and water features have worked their magic on homes and gardens around the world. Their appeal is timeless. But each piece also stands as an original work of garden art, created either as a unique commission or as a personalised edition of a classic Harber design.

Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or turning a space into the centre of attention, a Harber sundial, sculpture or water feature is something you can truly claim as your own.

Beyond the functional imperatives of time-keeping, David is inspired by the abstract qualities of light, shadow, reflection and organic structure, and delights in exploring the juxtaposition of contrasting yet complementary materials.

Every sundial, water feature or garden sculpture we make can be personalised as a family heirloom or personalised gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or memorial. Depending on the nature of the material, it can be custom etched, engraved, sign-written, letter cut or laser cut to make impressive personalised gifts.

Because personalised sundials can show distances and directions to places of personal significance, they are particular suitable as anniversary, memorial or 40th, 50th and 60th birthday gifts.

To meet the special needs of corporate customers, David’s unique creative skills are complemented not only by craftsmen and technicians but also by experienced managerial staff with a first-hand understanding of business priorities. Inspired by space, time and the natural environment, their appeal is universal. And yet, as original and beautifully crafted works of corporate art, they also offer discerning corporate clients and private individuals a rare opportunity to acquire a timeless expression of personal values.

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