Five Hundred Miles From You – Jenny Colgan

Five Hundred Miles from YouDescription: Lissa loves her job as a nurse, but recently she’s been doing a better job of looking after other people than looking after herself. After a traumatic incident at work leaves her feeling overwhelmed, she agrees to swap lives with someone in a quiet village in Scotland.

Cormac is restless. Just out of the army, he’s desperately in need of distraction, and there’s precious little of it in Kirrinfief. Maybe three months in London is just what he needs.

As Lissa and Cormac warm to their new lives, emailing back and forth about anything and everything, finally things seem to be falling into place. But each of them feel there’s still a piece missing. What – or who – could it be?

And what if it’s currently five hundred miles away?

Hot Brands Cool Places Review

What we love is when Jenny Colgan takes us back to the communities that she has created, and in Five Hundred Miles From You we return to Kirrinfief and pick up with some of the previous characters that we have met before. But as a standalone book this works equally well, and there is a very strong and powerful story about two people and their experiences in the frontline. Jenny compares and contrasts Kirrinfief and London with graphic detail, and then very gently weaves a beautiful and innocent love story within it. Highly Recommended!