The Garden of Small Beginnings – Abbi Waxman

The Garden of Small Beginnings - Abbi WaxmanSynopsis: One moment Lili is arguing with Dan, her husband, the next he is killed in a terrible car accident right outside their family home.

Three years later and Lili has managed to resume her day-to-day life as a mother of two girls and a successful textbook illustrator. But despite her outward appearance, she feels an aching loss. However, when she is commissioned to illustrate a series of horticultural books, Lili is forced to take gardening class and the wilted roots of her life finally start to blossom. The class provides Lili with a new network of friends – friends with their own heartaches and problems – and, maybe, another chance at love . . .

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Despite the tragic circumstances at the start of this book, The Garden of Small Beginnings is a funny and uplifting novel, we loved the innovative way that gardening tips are woven into the story. As a debut novel this is a very talented and delightful Spring read. Highly Recommended!