HOMES & ANTIQUES SUMMER ISSUE 2017 Discover antique and vintage vases, exquisite design and decorating tips with our summer issue, out now!

PRECIOUS VESSELS We delve into the history of vases and offer fresh tips for displaying them in your home. From sleek mid-century glass designs to dainty oriental porcelain, we explore the elegance of antique and vintage vases, there is a style to suit every budget.

ECLECTIC ISLAND LIVING On her secluded Norwegian island, Tone Kroken has surrounded herself with a calm colour palette and a stunning collection of rustic antique finds.

FADED GRANDEUR Did you know that Port Eliot in Cornwall is England’s oldest inhabited building? Explore traditional antiques and furnishings mingled with bohemian touches.

NATURAL BEAUTY  Awash with soft colours and organic finds Daniela and Franco Bergamaschi take us inside their beautifully restored ancient Italian farmhouse.

KEY STORIES IN THE HISTORY OF THE ROSE We also explore the sweet-smelling history of the rose and how key figures have been inspired by this sweet bloom through the ages.

THE KNOWLEDGE As usual, H&A is packed full of specialist antiques advice. This summer, Bonhams’ MD and BBC Antiques Roadshow expert, Jon Baddeley, shares his knowledge of ship models.

PLUS, we reveal how Lord Frederic Leighton’s career took a short turn from Victorian paintings to sculpting and discover the bronze cast that made waves in Bonhams’ auction room earlier this year.

You’ll also get a list of 50 of the best antiques and vintage fairs to visit this summer and much, much more!

The Summer issue of Homes & Antiques is on sale now: