Ice Kitchen – 50 Lolly Recipes – Cesar

50 Lolly RecipesIce Kitchen – 50 Lolly Recipes – Cesar and Nadia Roden

Synopsis: Artist Nadia Roden began making gourmet artisan lollies in the summer of 2011 in New York.  Inspired by a photo of a leaf frozen inside a transparent lolly, she began wondering what other flavours and concoctions could be frozen in ice.  She began selling her lollies at the High Line Park, and was soon joined by her nephew Cesar to help her keep up with demand.  When Cesar brought the business back to London, Ice Kitchen was born in Spring 2013.

The book explains the simple techniques required for successful ice lollies, as well as exciting ways to serve and present them for all sorts of occasions – from weddings and dinner parties to children’s parties.
The 50 recipes cover adventurous and exciting options like Roast Peach and Tarragon, Cantaloupe and Basil, and Ruby Grapefruit and Campari in addition to classic flavour combinations, such as Strawberries and Cream, and Orange and Lemon.

Nadia and Cesar’s inventive ideas are sure to inspire, such as the Drenched Watermelon, designed to have fresh lime juice squeezed over it as you eat, or the Cereal Milk which is infused overnight.  Child-friendly flavours include Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl, Minted Milk or Butterscotch.
Nadia has also been inspired by her own childhood memories of flavours made by her mother Claudia (Cesar’s grandmother), such Pistachio and Rose or Egyptian Hibiscus and Peach; others were inspired by classics from around the world, like the Spanish sherry with raisin, or the Sicilian cassata.

This is an irresistible little book, full of wonderful flavours and inspiring ways with ice!

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
The front cover describes these recipes as ‘sensations on a stick’ and this certainly is a true description of the fabulous flavours found inside. This delightful book starts with the charming history of the Ice Kitchen, followed by the techniques, equipment and procedure for making lollies and then the main event – how to create the lollies. This stunning mouth-watering collection is an absolute joy, a perfect accompaniment to a summer’s day! Highly Recommended!