Ivy & Abe – Elizabeth Enfield

Ivy & Abe – Elizabeth EnfieldSynopsis: Two people. One love story. A million possibilities. Is there actually a right person, or just a right time?
A stunning novel about the different paths our lives might follow, and the different people we might become along the way.

Childhood friends in the Sixties. Ivy and Abe were inseparable until a chance event tore them apart. Now in their early seventies, fate once again brings them together – both grey-haired, Ivy hand in hand with her grandson – to fill in the gaps of one another’s lives. Each has experienced great passions as well as heart-breaking tragedies, but the time is finally right for them.

Their love story seems, in the end, meant to be. But what if….

….. in a parallel universe, chance had intervened and they had met sooner?

….. they’d met in their forties, both married to other people and had begun an affair?

….. they’d met before then and married, but the daunting question mark over Ivy’s health had suffocated Abe’s love for her?

….. as lovestruck teenagers, one small moment had sealed their fate?


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This is such a clever book, impossible to put down, moving and poignant, just when you think you may be able to predict the ending another twist emerges. In Ivy & Abe, Elizabeth Enfield has created a beautiful, intriguing and thought-provoking love story. One of our favourites for 2018 – Highly Recommended!