Jungle Jamboree – Jo Empson

Jungle Jamboree - Jo Empson - Hot Brands Cool PlacesSynopsis:
Who will be crowned the most beautiful of all at the Jungle Jamboree? Lion, Leopard, Hippo, Zebra?
The jungle creatures all try to change themselves in this beautiful book, bursting with wild splashes of colour and hilarious animal antics. But Fly has a surprise in store – soon the animals learn that they are lovely just the way they are, and that kindness is the most beautiful thing of all.


Hot Brands Cool Places Review
Jungle Jamboree by Jo Empson is a delightful read-aloud book, absolutely bursting with vibrant illustrations from this very talented author/illustrator about the true meaning of beauty. We loved her earlier Chimpanzees for Tea and this is destined to become another favourite.