The Light We Lost – Jill Santopolo

The Light we LostSynopsis: 11th September 2001. Lucy and Gabe meet in New York on a day that will change their lives and the world forever. As the city burns behind them, they kiss for the very first time.

Over the next thirteen years they are torn apart, then brought back together, time and time again. It’s a journey of dreams, of desires, of jealousy, of forgiveness and above all, love.

And as Lucy is faced with a devastating choice, she wonders whether their love is a matter of destiny or chance.

What if this is how their story ends?

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
The Light We Lost is an achingly beautiful and heartbreaking love story. As a debut novel it is stunning, once started it compels you to keep reading to the very end. Thought provoking about the nature of love, the memory will stay with you long after you finish reading it. Highly Recommended!