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New Zealand in DepthAs our name suggests, New Zealand is our complete passion and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience of the country to create the best possible tailor-made holiday experiences for you, whether you are planning to visit for just a few days or for 3 months.

But achieving this requires more than good destination knowledge, it is all about listening to you to understand your interests and what you need from us, and caring about the experience you will have. It is about personal service and personal connections.

When we start planning your holiday we will be looking at the overall experience that will be right for you rather than just helping you to spend your budget. First, we will work with you to develop an itinerary that will be based around your interests and then we can move on to the accommodation, tours and trips that you feel will be appropriate depending on your budget and preferences.

By having close relationships with all our partners on the ground in New Zealand and by getting to know you as well as we can, we can create a triangle of understanding and trust that will make sure that your holiday is exactly right.

We take responsibility for the quality of your holiday experience and provide dedicated support, both here in the UK and whilst you are travelling in New Zealand. And we will share our personal knowledge and experience with you to create your holiday, with a total commitment to doing what is best for you.

In addition we are proud to support some fantastic conservation projects such as the Te Rere yellow-eyed penguin reserve, the Papatowai Forest Heritage Trust in the remote Catlins region of the South Island and predator trapping in Fiordland and on Farewell Spit.

Our holidays, or vacations, are arranged with care and expertise and are backed by genuine personal service.

And we help people from the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and everywhere.

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