Penguins and other Sea Birds by Matt Sewell

Penguins  and other Sea Birds – Matt SewellSynopsis: Did you know…

The Galápagos Penguin’s speckled markings make each of them as unique as a snowflake?

The Emperor Penguin weighs the same as a Labrador retriever?

The Adélie Penguin takes its name from the sweetheart of a Napoleonic naval captain turned explorer?

From tiny fairy penguins to the regal emperor penguin, street artist and ornithologist, Matt Sewell, illustrates one of the world’s favourite birds in this charming follow-up to Owls, Our Garden Birds, Our Songbirds and Our Woodland Birds. Matt captures the famously quirky characters of penguins through his unique and much-loved watercolours accompanied by whimsical descriptions. You’ll discover everything you’ve ever wondered about this enigmatic bird and his feathered friends from across the globe.

 Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

We love Matt Sewell’s books, and Penguins and other Sea Birds is another example of what he does best, introducing us to a wide variety of sea birds together with his delightful descriptions and his very beautiful illustrations, There is also a Spotting and Jotting section at the back and while you may have to look further afield for some of the examples this delightful book can stimulate the interest about birds in general with your little ones this Easter Holiday. Highly Recommended!