Planet Earth II by Stephen Moss

Planet Earth II by Stephen MossSynopsis: On the 10th anniversary of the BBC’s genre-defining Planet Earth, this brilliant new book is an all-new look at our astonishing Planet Earth – from a completely new perspective.

10 years on from the first, groundbreaking, Planet Earth, we use the most incredible advances in technology and scientific discovery to bring you the most exciting and immersive picture of our world’s wildlife yet.

With over 200 breathtaking photographs and stills from the BBC Natural History Unit’s spectacular footage, this is an extraordinary new look at the complex life of some of the most amazing places on Planet Earth.

Each chapter reveals an environment – some never-before-seen, some astonishingly familiar – defined by a unique set of rules required for survival. From the most desolate desert to the depths of the jungle, from blistering heat and freezing cold to perpetual darkness and deadly UV, discover how a whole host of creatures have adapted to life in the most extreme conditions. And how they compete with one another to become the largest, the fastest, the most poisonous, or most devious – all in a bid to survive.

Planet Earth II includes the first in-depth look at the urban environment, and the surprising range of behaviours occurring right under our noses, as well as some previously untouched island worlds. Filmed with the latest  infra-red technology, these are the challenges, the confrontations, and the triumphs of some of the most extraordinary creatures in the natural world, told from their perspective.

This is our planet, as you have never seen it before

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Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict
The photography in Planet Earth II is absolutely stunning; the book focuses on six very different environments, with fascinating new stories and characters, including the desert-dwelling blind ‘dune sharks’ and the pygmy sloths unique to one island, crab-killing crazy ants and pigeon- catching fish. From the most unlikely urban dwellers to mountain top survivors. This is a view of the world we are rarely able to see.

With a foreword by Sir David Attenborough, ‘Planet Earth II  gives us a greater understanding of the natural world, the way it works and what it needs if it is to continue to survive.’ This book is a fabulous companion to Planet Earth II,  a six-part series just started on BBC One. Highly Recommended!