The Art of the Fold – Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol

The Art of the Fold - Hedi Kyle and Ulla WarcholHow to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures

Synopsis: The renowned and influential book artist Hedi Kyle shows you step-by-step how to create her unique designs, using folding techniques. Projects include flag books, blizzard books, the fishbone fold, and nesting boxes. An insight into the work of a truly skilled artist, this book was written to inspire others to experiment with new realms of making and conceptualization using the art of the fold.

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This is an absolutely fascinating book, created by artists skilled in their craft. There are a number of innovative projects using different techniques: the Accordion, Blizzards, One Sheet Books, Albums & Enclosures with exquisite examples of each method.

if you want to re-create these beautiful designs, this is all the inspiration you need in order to create your own.