The Little Cottage in Lantern Square – Helen Rolfe

The Little Cottage in Lantern Square - Helen Rolfe
Step into the magic of Lantern Square…

Hannah went from high flyer in the city to business owner and has never looked back. In the cosy Cotswold village of Butterbury she runs Tied up with String, sending handmade gifts and care packages across the miles, as well as delivering them to people she thinks need them the most.

But when her ex best-friend Georgia turns up and wants in on the action, will Hannah be willing to forgive and forget? With her business in jeopardy she needs to maintain the reputation she’s established, and discover who she can trust…

Meanwhile, a mysterious care package lands on her own doorstep at Lantern Cottage. Who is trying to win her heart – and will she ever be willing to give it away?

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The Little Cottage in Lantern Square is a charming book, Helen captures the heart-warming atmosphere of Lantern Square and the village of Butterbury to perfection. An uplifting and optimistic story, perfect for holiday reading. Highly Recommended!