The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle

The No Nonsense ShowSynopsis: Ducks growing out of bananas? 
A mouse catching a cat?
 What’s wrong with this book?

Yes, there’s something strange, something funny and even downright preposterous on every page of this book (and even the cover!). But it’s not a mistake – it’s nonsense! And it’s also surrealism. Nonsense lies at the heart of many beloved nursery rhymes. Children readily accept odd statements like “the cow jumped over the moon” and “the dish ran away with the spoon.” This fanciful bending of reality is also basic to surrealism.

In this book, nonsense and surrealism combine to spark creativity and imagination. What’s true? What’s impossible? What’s absolutely absurd? From Eric Carle, creator of the classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, comes a book to make children laugh and think, preparing them for a lifetime of loving both words and art.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been an important part of our family for many years much loved by every child that opens it. The Nonsense Show captures the same vibrant style of illustration that Eric Carle does so well.

Full of imagination, we loved the spirit of The Nonsense Show which is sure to become another inspiring classic for parents, children and schools destined to entertain future generations. We loved it! Highly Recommended!