Time A Year and a Day in the Kitchen – Gill Meller

Time A Year and a Day in the Kitchen - Gill MellerSynopsis: Time is the highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning Gather. In it Gill Meller distills the essence of his approach to food and cooking – time spent in the kitchen, with good ingredients, makes for the best possible way of life.

Morning, daytime and night – these are the touchstones of our days, and days are the markers of our years. Gill’s unique dishes fit within this framework, moving through the seasons, from freshness and light, to comfort and warmth.

Gill’s dishes follow the course of the day: simple breakfasts (wild mushroom & sausage chachouka, buckwheat pancakes), glorious seasonal lunches (steamed vegetables with tamari, honey & sunflower seeds, chicken with chamomile, tomato & anchovy tart, date, olive oil & fennel cake), evening gatherings in the soft glow of summer or chill of winter (lentil dhal with crispy kale, roast pheasant with parsnips & chorizo, ceviche with rhubarb, lemon & chilli, treacle tart with thyme & orange, quince & vanilla crème brûlée).

This is the best of modern British cooking, from the most exciting new voice in food writing.


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This is a gorgeous book, beautifully produced with atmospheric photographs, but above all it is Gill’s voice running throughout the book which is so eloquent and evocative.

“Cooking can be a brilliant way to establish gentler, healthier rhythms in the way we live, as families and as individuals.It is a way to mark the passing of time; it is a way to celebrate it, but also remember it. I believe that every time we make something good to eat, we make a memory.”

We also love the photographs of kitchens placed throughout the book, illustrating the rich diversity and warmth of some of his favourite kitchens.

The recipes, which are simply divided into Morning, Day and Night and through the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are absolutely mouth-watering and delicious; if there is one book to buy and cherish throughout the coming months it is this one!

We are delighted to have chosen Time as our Cookery Book of the Month. Highly Recommended!