The Weekends of You and Me by Fiona Walker

The Weekends of You and Me by Fiona WalkerSynopsis: What happens when your final fling become your happy ever after?

When Jo Coulson finds herself single again in her late thirties, she finally resigns her membership to Last of the Hopeless Romantics, fully intending to tackle midlife and motherhood alone. First, she plans one legendary last fling…

In walks Harry Inchbold, and the connection is electric. Passionate, unpredictable and messily divorced, Harry is the perfect antidote to cosy coupledom.

Harry’s tumbledown holiday cottage in the wilds of South Shropshire is a beautiful place for a no-strings-attached weekend. But hidden away from the world, Harry reveals a very different side, melting Jo’s resolve. At the end of their weekend Harry and Jo promise to meet at the same time next year – but what will that year bring?

Harry and Jo return to the Shropshire hills for one weekend each year to rediscover passion and make peace. As career, family and home crises all threaten to bring them unstuck, the cottage is their glue. Here, different rules apply: the day to day world is not allowed to intrude. With Harry and Jo, however, it’s only a matter of time before rules get broken. As real life gets increasingly complicated, can they keep renewing their promise?

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This book is based on an intriguing concept: one decade, ten weekends, one love. It’s a rollercoaster of a read, you get completely drawn into an intense passionate relationship without knowing how it will end. A perfect weekend read!